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Incredible Acupuncturist!

I went to Dr. Tung for knee instability, joint pain, weight issues, and I had been grinding and clenching my teeth since a child. I lost 25 lbs by eating more carbs and less protein, and of course by getting my body balanced. I stopped taking all the supplements I'd been using. I no longer wear a night guard for my teeth! Dr. Tung could look at me and tell the symptom I was having. He is amazing. He greatly improved the quality of my life. My symptoms are gone.If I get any illness or injury I will go to Dr. Tung first. I feel so healthy and fantastic now!

------by Pam Booth at Citysearch

You have nothing to lose but the pain...

I would like to share my personal expeience with acupuncture given by Dr. Watson Tung. In 1997, I was new to the Orange County area and was having trouble with a neuroma in my left foot. My medical doctors were ready to do surgery after many cortisone treatments that didn't work. I heard about acupuncture during a TV commercial and went to the phone book and found Dr. Tung. Honestely, after praying about it first, I decided to call the following day. He told me he could fix it, and Praise God, IT WORKED!! I saw him following other issues I had over the course of 11 years. He fixed my Bursitis, a shoulder injury from a fall and bone spur in my heel! The bone spur went away with just one treatment. I even walked later that day. But did see him for 2 more treatments to be sure. I have referred many people to him, and each said they were pleased with the results. I no longer live in CA, but boy do I miss the treatments!! I had such confidence in his knowledge & family history. These are honest true stories and I really think it's worth trying. You have nothing to lose but the pain you came in with!

------by Debbie

Extremely knowledgable

First of all Dr. Tung is kind,generous & extremely knowledgeable in Chinese medicine as well as western, being an MD in China as well as a Dr. of Acupuncture,he gives us a deep feeling of confidence. Our family has being seeing Dr. Tung for 24 years. Dr. Tung uses various methods of treatment, he knows what is needed to help cure & sustain your immune system. He has treated me for the common cold, flu, hormone balancing, headaches,& physical injuries, always the duration &symptoms are reduced and healing takes place much faster.I always leave with knowing I have been cared for as if I were a member of his family,there is a sense of calm and well being that pervades. I have referred many friends to Dr. Tung and they share in my assessment . Dr. Tung has a wonderful laugh and you leave happy and knowing you have a friend. I am honored to be his patient.

------by Rhonni

After suffering a major brain injury

After suffering a major brain injury as a result of Legionnaire's Disease & Encephalitis my daily life was severely affected by severe, overwhelming headaches, depression, memory loss, poor planning & organizational abilities, & other troubling losses. Acupuncture & Dr. Tung's counsel about healthy living has improved my body functions dramatically. The headaches are almost to a standstill! The depression seldom surfaces. Also, my memory, planning & organizational skills have greatly improved. In short, my brain functions have improved so much that people who haven't seen or talked to me in the last few years (since acupuncture treatment started), are amazed at my improvement.

------by Kay Perkins, Orange, CA

I was told I would be disabled the rest...

I had a crippling painful case of endometriosis, and after surgery and seeing two doctors, my ex asked: "Will you wanna see more doctors, or you wanna go to Dr. Tung and get better?" I was off of codeine in four days. His nutrition and lifestyle advice was great, and the treatments were so relaxing. He is a caring and brilliant physician. I resumed work and I am enjoying all that life has to offer. I have referred a dozen people to him, and they all feel the way I do.

------by nedisings

I have a TMJ problem

I have a TMJ problem. My dentist wanted to do surgrey but a friend recommend that I try acupuncture first. It worked and I no longer have any pain from TMJ.

------by Sue Whitecotton

A real professional

Dr. Tung is one of the most skilled professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I always have had good results with every treatment, whether for a sports-related injury, menopause or fussy knees. First of all Dr. Tung takes TIME to understand the problem. He has a true gift for listening and then years of experience and healing hands to apply the correct treatment. You simply can sense the confidence with which he approaches every problem and there is great immediate and then long-term comfort in putting yourself in his hands. His office is immaculate and his assistant is fast, helpful and really smart about scheduling and insurance issues. Another area in which Dr. Tung has deep knowledge is the use of herbs. He's a fine man, a great healer and a consummate professional. Enjoy working with him -- it is a blessing to find such a caring and skilled acupuncturist.

------by Brenda

Cured my dry eye and eyelid spasms

I have been suffering from chronic dry eyes and uncontrolled eyelid spasms for many many years. I sought the help of opthalmologists through western medicine many years ago, where they recommended eyedrops and other procedures, of which nothing had helped. When I decided to try Dr. Tung, I was initially very doubtful, but it was my last resort. Not only did my dry eyes disappear, but so did my eyelid spasms! When I visited my optomestrist for my annual vision exam, my vision also improved! I no longer have to use eyedrops, and am so satisfied with my treatment. He has turned me into a definite believer and supporter of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine. I would highly recommend Dr. Tung to anyone!


Miracles do happen!

Miracles do happen! I was told by an ear, nose, throat specialist that my loss of smell Due to a severe case of sinusitis would be permanent. I have only smelled four things since August 2009. After just two sessions with Dr. Tung, I was able to smell a flower! I've had daily sessions for almost 3 weeks and I am able to smell so many different things. I don't live in OC so I have to do as much as I can in a short time. I can smell dried herbs, gasoline, lotions, tea leaves, etc. I can't say I can smell everything yet but I'm now have hope. Dr. Tung has gotten me to kick my coffee habit, I now get nauseous when I eat sweets, and lost 3 1/2 lbs because I don't have a ravenous hunger like I used to. I don't overeat anymore either. It feels like he rewired my brain and stomach. I'm going to keep trying to follow all of his suggestions to improve my health and well-being. I'm a novice at acupuncture and Chinese herbs and pills, but I'm loving what it's all done for me! He really teaches you so much if you're willing to learn.

------Cathy H

Dr. Tung is a dedicated, caring and thorough doctor

Dr. Tung is a dedicated, caring and thorough doctor who really cares about his patients while guiding them to live a healthful, pain-free life. I call him my wizard because he has been able to heal and cure numerous health issues that I have encountered. After my car accident, a referral brought me to Dr. Tung. I could not straighten my leg or put ant weight on it for more than a few seconds. I am now able to teach children how to dribble a soccer ball. I could go on and on with all the issues that have been relieved over the years. From sciatica, back pain, neck pain, circulation problems, weight management, stress relief, kidney dysfunction, PMS and now menopause. Do not waste anymore time. Call Dr. Tung today. He will take the time and he cares. I know that your prayers will be answered.


How I met Dr.Tung

I was bent over, limping with pain getting to Dad's for coffee on Balboa Island where I go every morning to meet my buddies. An office collegue Hal Edick, inquired about my discomfort. I told him I had been in bed or on the couch for a month. I told him I had seen eight doctors of which two wanted to operate. None of them could help me. Hal said grab your coffee and get into the car and I will take you to the magician. I know, because he cured me when nothing else worked. He continued to tell me don't question anything he does, it doesn't make any sense, but he cured me and it is like magic. Two hours later I was back at Dad's feeling 50% better. After ten days I was cured and that was magic. It was 1986 and I was 64 and I will never forget it.

------William M Crawford

Dr. Tung referral-one-stop shop

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your medical ailments, Dr. Watson Tung is the physician to see. I first came to him after a bout with pneumonia-for months I could not stop the coughing. Despite two consults with two different pulmonologists, it was not until I received acupuncture treatment from Dr. Tung that I felt relief and the coughing finally stopped. Dr. Tung has treated my mother for depression as well as a heart condition. She is 92 years old and feels that Dr. Tung has attributed to her longevity. I've also seen him for back pain when I had sprained my back (and had also seen an orthopedic doctor here in Newport who knows Dr. Tung and also refers his patients to him). I have found Dr. Tung to be extremely knowledgeable and effective in his treatment plans.

He will fix you

After I had my son, I was a mess! I literally lived at the OB's office with chronic yeast and bacterial infections for over a year. Each time I was treated with either an antibiotic or other medicine, the infection was back a month or so later. I was miserable! One day I mentioned my situation to the girls in my Corona Del Mar pilates class and all three looked at me and said "Go to Dr. Tung, he will fix you! Just make sure you do what he asks." All three had nothing but great things to say about their experiences! Being a little familar with Chinese Medicine (a close friend of mine used it to get pregant after invitro failed and now has three daughters) I went. I was desperate!! Per Dr Tung, I was totally unbalanced, was eating all the wrong things, and went back to work after my C section way too soon - it all took a toll. I was only treating the symptoms, but not addressing what was causing my symtoms. For four months, I boiled and drank specially mixed herb tea, was treated with acupunture, and drastically changed my dient - no cheese or alcohol. For the next two years I have not had one of these infections and feel like my old self again! My Newport Beach OB was so impressed, she asked for Dr. Tung's information to give to other patients of hers. Since then, Dr. Tung has "fixed" me when I had bronchial infections, neck pain, bladder infections, rash, flu, stress, and most impressive - pneumonia! All of this with natural herbs - no antibiotics! He has also taught me so much about the relationship between what you eat and your health. For example, when you have a sinus issues, stay away from dairy - it creates phlegm; when you are sick, eating easy to digest foods (rice, oatmeal, soup) helps speed up your recovery because you body isn't spending energy digesting food, but instead spending it on recovering. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and have...he will fix you! :)

Great doctor

Went to see Dr. Tung for multiple issues, insomnia, irregular perioid, headache and fatigue. I was given 2 weeks of herbal formula. I felt better after 2 days. Will recommend to everyone. Thanks.

No. 1 fan Carol Douglas

I have seen Dr. Tung for pesty conditions like colds, soar throats, flu, sinusitis and he had always worked miracles. Recently Dr. Tung took his treatments to me to another level. I had a very serious degenerative disc/sciatic nerve problem that was so disabling that I couldn't walk in a prone position. True to form with his vast medical background (M.D. and surgeon) his treatments have stood me upright again with vast improvement each day. Along with his treatments, supplements, education, exercise regime, I am able to start living my life again. He is a caring, kind doctor with a deep sensitivity to his patient's needs. His mission to educate the masses is evidence of his passion for his patients as well as his "calling". What a blessing he is!

Dr. Tung - holistic healing at its best

Dr. Tung has been treating me for 25 years and when my son came along 23 years ago, Dr. Tung became his go to doctor as well. As one of his patients I accumulated knowledge over these years about the healing properties of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Dr. Tung Wisdom. Dr. Tung has a deep concern for his patients and helps them achieve physical and emotional well being. When pregnant, Dr. Tung treated me with moxibustion - this form of traditional Chinese medicine involves burning a moxa (mugwort) stick near a certain point on the small toe of my foot )- and my breech baby turned in the womb on his own! I have many more experiences which have built my deep loyalty and trust for Dr. Tung.

Dr. Tung has really helped me and my family

I wanted to write a review because Dr. Tung has been my family's acupuncturist for almost 15 yrs. In addition to being a very prestigious member of the professional community of oriental medicine, he also has an M.D in addition to his degree to practice acupuncture. This is very handy and makes me trust him all the more. That being said, whenever I feel uncertain about what Western medicine can do for a situation, I go to visit his clinic because it always has worked for me and the rest of us as well. He's also very loyal to his customers and gives them a lot of care and attention. Thank you!

It works!‎‎

I had chronic migraines, chronic nasal congestions and two eye injuries cured by Dr. Tung over the years. I had gone to many doctors and his treatments before we found him. I especially recommend him to anyone suffering from migraines. He also helps me when I have cold symptoms that won't go away.